Be A Hero Today – A poem by TWISTER

Be A Hero Today
by:  Jeff “Twister” Brown

The sun still slept when the alarm rattled my head.
The cold tile was shocking as I stepped out of bed.
I grabbed a hot coffee and an old pair of boots,
Splashed water on my face and dragged out to the scoot.

The moon was waning as I dug for my keys.
I prayed that she’d start ‘cause we’d had a hard freeze.
I wiped off the seat and made sure the throttle was free,
Squeezed hard on her clutch and then turned the key.

She moaned just a little and her headlight grew dim,
Coughed and spit and jumped just a bit as her v-twin kicked in.
Her headlight grew bright and her pipes came alive,
“Come on old girl it’s time that we ride.”

I snugged up my leathers and gave the choke a quick tap,
Threw a leg cross her saddle and heeled her kickstand hard back.
The old scoot purred softly as we rolled toward the street
Trying my best to be quiet so the neighbors could sleep.

When I cracked open the throttle she struck like a snake
Grabbing for asphalt and leaving dawn in her wake.
The cold burned my face as we split through the night.
A quick stop to top off…then take a hard right.

Forty miles out where lightning split the old oak
I pulled onto the shoulder and lit up a smoke.
I pressed my legs close to the engine for heat
As I waited in silence at the spot where we meet.

It couldn’t have been ten minutes or so
When I heard a faint rumble that continued to grow.
I could see lights dancing back over the hill
And I knew they were coming, so I just sat there real still.

They came roaring past like wolves in a pack
And I fired up the engine and merged in at the back.
We rode eighty more miles in staggered formation.
We’ll bury a hero today who served this great nation.

There were handshakes and hugs as we greeted each other
And shared in the bond each had for his brother.
We handled our business, then all bowed our heads
Asking safety for riders… and peace for the dead.

The family walked past as we stood silent and tall.
Our colors flew proudly ‘cause we’d answered the call.
Mount up all you Riders, we’ll show you the way.
Stand the flagline with us…be a hero today.

Jeff “Twister” Brown
@ 2013